Accurate, objective reporting and thoughtful commentary.

Without fear or favour.

Liability conventions, their uncertainties and the drivers for change.
New connections made and solutions proposed.
Constant vigilance, focussing on where change is likely.
Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

We provide you with independent, expert and balanced inputs to your risk management and business planning system. Helping you to be ahead of the curve and ahead of the competition.


With our support, your risk managers have reliable and relevant knowledge to work with in choosing the option most suited to your risk profile and business plan.
Shareholder Confidence

Shareholder Confidence

Liability insurance is remarkably susceptible to legacy risks. Confidence in meeting business objectives is built upon far-sighted reliable inputs to quality-assured systems.
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulators prefer an approach which is systematic, quality managed and encourages proportionate, responses. We support and enable that approach.

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    High quality information

    Re: Liability (Oxford) Ltd specializes in knowledge for liability risk managers:

    • Employer’s liability e.g. long latency disease
    • Public liability e.g. pollution caused by fracking
    • Products liability e.g. defects in non-prescription medications
    • Occupier’s liability e.g. damage to assets through maintenance failure
    • Professional indemnity e.g. design of climate change adaptation
    • D&O e.g. volatile share price following uncontrolled liability exposure

    Up-to-date, expert insight provides competitive advantage, reassurance to investors, greater choice and helps keep the regulator happy. We focus on developments in science, technology, society and law; picking out those which could affect your business.

    Our information is

    • Independent

      Accurate reporting of the evidence, and saying what we think it means for you is only reliable because we are independent. Read more...
    • Expert

      Authoritative positions are essential for business planning. Emerging risk arises out of: challenge to orthodoxy, making links where none existed, and the completely new. Meaningful challenge to orthodoxy can only be identified if it is thoroughly understood in terms of common law principles. Read more...
    • Innovative

      We have developed a probabilistic approach to emerging risks. This fits well with quality management systems and regulatory expectations and allows change to be monetised. Our expert–based approach allows novel connections to be made before they become fashionable. Expertise also ensures that the solutions we offer are realistic ones. Read more...
    • Up-to-date

      High quality science, technology, legal and social sources are constantly monitored for challenge to authority and for new exposures. Unorthodox sources are kept under review, but we are not media led. Read more...